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If you're searching Google for Dog Food for sale Dunoon, Raw Dog Food Dunoon, Wellies for sale near me, outdoor clothing shop Dunoon, Gun shop near me.
Then hopefully you will have found us - Croots country Store!

we are a small family-run business located at the holy loch marina in dunoon argyll
for dogs We stock;
Skinners Field & Trial Dog food.
Totally Natural Frozen Dog Food
raw factory frozen dog food
natural dog treats
plus our wee natural dog pick & mix  
Have a large range of Country Clothing & Footwear
including the most popular Dedito brand. 

for birds, we stock Johnson & Jeff Wild Bird Food & supa feeders.

our Poultry Food argo golden yolk layers & pellets & mixed poultry corn are a huge hit for our feathered friends.

we also have a wee selection of small animal feed & bedding and can also offer a pre-order for items we do not stock for locals.
Our gunroom stocks hull cartridges and all items one would associate with a gun shop are available in-store to collect or pre-order
Due to legal requirements, not all items can be posted. You will be required to bring your license certificates with you prior to purchase.
We aim to stock products we believe in and trust.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page, where we do product testing,
discuss new brands and generally talk about all things country.  

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