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Description / Fladen Fishing Jigging Flasher Handline

The Fladen Fishing Jigging Flasher Handline is a great option for catching a variety of species such as cod, pollock or mackerel. 

These handlines have 6 hooks mounted on the line that all feature highly reflective and flashy tinsel bodies on them. When this handline is jigged up in down the flash and shimmering mimics a shoal of baitfish which is enticing to any nearby predator. 

Each handline features a 300 gram weight on the end to allow you to get your hooks to the bottom quickly and easily. These handlines are easily manipulated manually by hand to create an incredible effective system that is sure to have you catching in no time. 

This set up can also be trolled slowly at the back of the boat thanks to the 75m of line supplied on the winder. 

The Fladen Fishing Jigging Flasher Handline is available in one model only and comes in a red finish. 

300 gram weight 
6x 4/0 flashers
75m of 0.80mm mono line
Ideal for mackerel, cod and pollock


SKU: 7392080006434
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