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The Fladen Fishing Jigging Handline is the perfect handline option for targeting deep feeding species and mackerel. 

These handlines feature 3 flashy silver spoons and 3 brightly coloured gummi macs which offer exceptional amounts of flash colour and movement when jigged up and down in the water column. 

The 300 gram weight fitted on the end of these handlines enables you to get the hooks down to the fishes feeding zone quickly and easily. These rigs can be highly effective being jigged by hand or trolled slowly at the back of a boat. 

The Fladen Fishing Jigging Handline is available in one size only and comes in a red finish. 

300 gram weighted
3x spoons
3x rubber gummi macs
50m line 
Ideal for mackerel and cod


SKU: 7392080635016
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