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Ergo is a quality grooming range that provides all the tools you need to turn out well-groomed dogs, including combs, brushes, slickers and nail care 


  • Moulded ergonomic handles for comfort
  • Products are suitable for a wide range of applications
  • carefully selected, quality range offering value for mone
  • informative grooming information on the packaging
  • Online video guides available from Ancol
  • Cat and small animal grooming products are also available!


Ergo Grooming Range...we are doing our bit


  • 99% reduction in plastic packaging
  • A saving of 2180kg of single use plastic every year
  • We are committed to reducing our packaging and using recycled and recyclable packaging. This now uses cardboard packaging that is widely recycled


Grooming tips: Grooming is a wonderful way to bond with your dog, but dogs that are no grooming should be introduced to it slowly. Begin grooming sessions when your dog is relaxed, if possible, after they have exercised. Use tools gently and avoid tugging on the skin or on knots or mats. Give your dog plenty of reassurance throughout the grooming session. Pause or end the grooming session if your dog becomes agitated or shows signs of stress. Keep grooming sessions brief to begin with, and increase the length of the sessions as your dog becomes used to grooming.


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