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The Ancol Ergo Dog Nail Guillotine Clippers are a quick and effective way to trim your dogs long claws. The Nail Guillotine Clippers feature an ergonomic, non-slip grip handle that fits perfectly into your hand for extra safety. The Dog Nail Clippers have a guillotine blade that is extremely easy to use even if you’ve never trimmed your dog's nails before.


To use, make sure that your dog is calm and still, it may help to have someone with you if your dog is nervous or has never had their claws trimmed before. Hold on to the dog's toe firmly, to keep it still. Open the clippers by pulling the safety clip downwards. Place the guillotine clipper over the end of the claw and close it to remove the end of the claw. Important: Remove only the very end of the claw. Cutting too much of the claw can cut the quick (a vein that runs through the claw) causing pain.


For dogs with dark claws, it is difficult to see the quick, try looking from underneath the claw. No matter how long the claws are, proceed with caution and cut only the very end of the claw off. Long claws should be regularly clipped by small amounts to help the quick recede.


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