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Ticks are not at all pleasant, especially when it comes to removing them from your pet's skin. They hold on to the pet's skin strongly, which makes it harder for owners to remove them. It is important to remove ticks promptly and correctly. 

This tick-removing tool is made of high-quality durable plastic. It has two different sizes of hooked twisters, with one placedat on each end allowing you to select the correct size. Offering easy use and maintenance, this pet grooming accessory is a must-have for every pet accessory collection. 

To effectively remove ticks from your pet's body, insert this accessory under the tick from the side and rotate it gently 2-3 times till the twister fully removes the tick, Do not pull the tick off. The Johnson's Tick Remover helps take out the tick quickly, easily, and completely, leaving behind no body parts. It is not advised to try to kill the tick first, just gently remove it.



  • Tick removing accessory to pick the tick right from the spot where its jaws are attached to the skin
  • Lets you rotate and gently and fully pick out the tick
  • Can be used on a variety of animals, such as dogs, cats, and horses


Suitable for: A variety of pets, this pet accessory can be used on horses, cats, dogs, and many other animals.


Approximate Dimensions (Product):

One Size: H7 x W1 x D1cm


SKU: 5000476040390
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