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At Croots Country Store we like to be a little different, with this purchase we can arrange to take you on a wild life or deer stalking experience in beautiful Argyll.  Get in touch to discuss this further.


PLUS we will also provide you with a free Rick Youngs Bino Harnace worth £22.00.

Another super reason to support local & use our reccommended products. 


Zeiss's NEW cleverly designed thermal imager unit, the DTI  3/35, offers top quality thermal imaging technology together with exceptional ergonomics for easy operation. 


This night vision device can be connected to Zeiss's Hunting App for up to date live streaming (via phone or tablet etc) of what is being seen through the DTI 3/35 thermal imager. 


This unit also boasts a 1-4x zoom that moves up in slight increments of 0.5x, allowing for gradual, precise movements that allow you to keep up with the focus. 


Focal length

35 mm

Sensor resolution

384 x 288

Thermal sensitivity (NETD)


Display resolution

1280 x 960

Display frame rate

50 Hz

Display type



1235 m (1350 yd)

Field of view of the ocular


Field of view at 100 m

19 m (62 ft)

Optical magnification


Maximum digital zoom


Zoom steps (in 0.5x)

1.0x – 4.0x

Zeiss DTI 3/35 Thermal Imager

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