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We aim to keep a good selection of Totally Natural in stock - this product comes in and goes out very quickly so it can be difficult to keep the website up to date.  


When placing an on-line order, please advise if there are any your pet does not like (ie no tripe etc).


Totally Natural from Scotland produces a range of minces.  


The minces are made up with different percentages.  This allows you to have plenty of choice to select the right balance your dog needs at differenet times.  Some products will contain one type of animal mince or two, they may also contain ground bone, offal & Tripe.  


They are made up of the following mixes:

80% meat, 10% bone and 10% offal.

45% meat, 45% meat & 10% bone.

30% meat, 50% meat, 10% bone & 10% offal.

90% meat & 10% offal.

100% meat/tripe.

60% meat & 40% bone.

60% meat, 30% meat & 10% bone.


Due to the slight variations on pricing, we have applied a flat rate across them all (excluding Rabbit & Venision).  Our rate is slightly higher than if you where to go and collect the product direct from the company yourselves, however, we hope our customers can appreciate the overheads involved in providing this service locally in Dunoon.  




Totally Natural 1KG MINCE

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