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Stalon moderators are produced using only the finest precision engineering. They have a simple company philosophy, to produce the best possible sound moderators for hunting. Every component from the outer tube to the integral baffles are tested to perform at the highest level. The three main criteria for a moderator are low weight, maximum sound attenuation and minimal additional length to the barrel. JaktJournal, Sweden’s premier hunting magazine, rated Stalon the best performer amongst its piers.


We highly recommend this product for value money and performance.


The new Stalon X series is the successor to the popular W110 & W145 series. Having been completely redesigned, externally and internally, the X series is even lighter, more compact and even more efficient than its predecessor. The X series extends the rifle by just 108mm, weighs 334 grams and offers a sound reduction of 30dBc. Other features include an internal Titanium thread and a new scratch proof matt finish.


Threads Sizes

M12x1, M18-1, 1/2-20, 1/2-28, 5/8-18 5/8-24 - select the size for your rifle - unsure give us a call for advice.

Calibre 6.5x55 . 6.5 Creed .270 . 308 .30-06

Stalon Mod X108 next sizes

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