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We provide dog food for sale Dunoon, love your working pet then give them THE BEST pop into our country store in Dunoon. THIS IS RECCOMMENDED FOR LARGE BREEDS OF DOGS 


To help make life easier we have set up monthly subscriptions so that you can order 1 bag per month and have it ready to collect.  We are offering this to help encourage our customers to shop local and be conveniant so that we can ensure we have stock levels to meet customers expectations.


Field & Trial Large Bite is a complete dog food, specially developed and formulated for larger breeds of dogs. Large breed dogs typically have a slower physical maturation than many smaller breeds and need suitable nutrition to sustain and support their musculoskeletal system; this is in addition to providing energy and all the other nutrients a happy, healthy dog requires!

Skinners Field & Trial Large Bite 15KG

Price Options
One-time purchase
1 Bag Per Month
Reserve & Collect Once Per Month
£40.89every month until canceled
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