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Introducing the Trek Midge and Tick Spray, the ultimate solution for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. This powerful spray is designed to repel midges and ticks, providing essential protection during outdoor adventures. Whether you're hiking, camping, or simply spending time in the great outdoors, this spray is a must-have for staying safe and comfortable. With its long-lasting formula, you can trust Trek to keep pesky insects at bay, allowing you to enjoy your time outside without any worries. Don't let midges and ticks ruin your outdoor experience - arm yourself with Trek Midge and Tick Spray from Croot's Country Store.


DEET free
• Contains 20% micro-encapsulated Saltidin®
• Provides up to 12 hours protection
• Suitable for children over 2 years of age
• Can be used during pregnancy


Size: 100ml

Material: 20% micro-encapsulated Saltidin® and added moisturising plant extracts


SKU: 5060013673009
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