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Boker Magnum Knivgar SAR Orange Outdoor Knife - 4.05" Blade, Orange Handle, Sheath


The Boker Magnum Knivgar is a solid and affordable outdoor knife. The design is based on the fixed knives that are used by the Sami in Lapland. But completely modernized, made from user-friendly materials. Use it as an affordable outdoor knife. Throw it in your toolbox for when you work around the house or take it with you when you go camping or hiking. It is also great as a budget bushcraft knife.


The handle is made from a synthetic plastic. Nice and strong! Because this handle is cast around the tang of the blade it is properly secured. A great detail is that the end of the handle contains a hammer surface. As such you can even use it for the more demanding tasks.


The blade is made from stainless 420A steel. A simple type of steel that is easy to sharpen. As such you won't spend a lot time sharpening your knife.


The Böker Magnum Knivgar comes with a plastic sheath with belt loop.


Dimensions & weight
Blade Lenght : 10.3 cm
Blade Thickness : 1.9 mm
Handle length : 12.3 cm
Total Length : 22.6 cm
Weight : 100 g


SKU: 4045011217869
Colour: ORANGE
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